A Discussion on Willpower, Self-control and Focus

We have an impromptu discussion on the relationship between self-control, willpower and focus. We talk about the ways we try to take control of these factors in various areas of life, so that the lack of those qualities doesn’t control us.

Links and references:

  1. Willpower by Roy Baumeister
  2. Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey
  3. Radish and cookie experiment
  4. Effects of food and breaks on judges’ parole decisions
  5. The links between blood glucose and self-control

Key points from this episode:

  • Why we should use less willpower, and not more.
  • Our perspectives on the formation and maintenance of habits
  • Why we always keep our phones on do-not-disturb and turn off notifications.
  • Brief advice on forming and maintaining habits.
  • How to best avoid distractions.
  • Should we listen to music whilst studying?
  • The best way to use the Pomodoro technique for studying.


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