What is Getting It?: The Who, What and Why.

What is Getting It all about? In this trailer episode, we explain what you can expect from this podcast. We cover who we are, what we what we plan to talk/discuss about, our intentions behind starting this podcast, and our ethos: curiosity, variety, and discipline.

Who We Are

We are Subaan and Dan. In brief, we’re both medical students based in London and we’ve known each other for quite a while. We have fairly different, but somewhat overlapping interests, and both have our own perspectives on life and beyond. We have come to know each other quite well and frequently enjoy challenging each other’s ideas and thoughts to expand our horizons.

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What is Getting It?


About what exactly? – Pretty much any field from the social  to the natural sciences, history to the arts. If it’s something we can discuss to understand ourselves and the people and world around us a little more, we’ll probably talk about it some point.

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Our Ethos

Curiosity: Everything is interesting if you give it a chance.

We often find ourselves unwilling to learn more about a given topic if we can’t see the value in learning about it, or if we have never encountered it before. However, if something is is interesting to someone, there must be a reason for it – it is undoubtedly worth at least trying to understand better, and in doing so may give your own beliefs and interests more context/new perspectives. Hopefully we can put this into practice and explore new topics and spark people’s interest in topics that they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to.

Variety: Anti-hyperspecialisation.

There currently seems to be a big push towards people trying to get to the top of their niche that they work, study or live in. Whilst we think that hyperspecialisation has its benefits, we feel that the majority of us can benefit by making our rabbit holes of specialisation slightly less deep, but far more broad. It’s a lot easier to become relatively well versed in a new topic, than become the best in a topic you’re already good at.

The more we broaden our knowledge set, the better we can understand the intrinsic value of, and the relationship between, different fields of academia; and thereby our understanding of the people and world around us.

We aim to deliberately challenge ourselves in these episodes by choosing to explore new topics in order to better understand aspects of life we would usually not be otherwise exposed to.


An element of discipline is usually required in order to get a topic to the point where it becomes an enjoyable practice.
By posting our conversations to the public domain, we are committing ourselves to express our thoughts and ideas with more scrutiny. Not only will this develop our own thinking and understanding, but also help us become better at expressing and communicating these thoughts to people from all sorts of backgrounds.

Noticed that we made some major mistakes about anything in particular? Have opposing views/ideas from what you heard us talk about, or have a different perspective? Thought we didn’t do a particular topic justice? Then we want you to let us know/hold us accountable so that we may learn, improve, and be less ignorant for next time. This gives the aspect of discipline a new dimension for us.

There is a lot of satisfaction that can be acquired from the process of improvement in something – a sense of achievement is valuable: adding variety to your interests by maintaining a curious mindset requires a level of discipline within your mentality and approach to life in general, but being disciplined with it can bring clear reward and we feel is a worthy investment.

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What is Getting It?: in a nutshell
A conversation where we explore topics both familiar and unfamiliar to us to find out what makes them interesting, so that we can expand our horizons and further our understanding of the world and people around us. From science to lifestyle design, languages to religion, plus everything in between – anything can be interesting if exposed to you through the right lens. We hope to spark your curiosity through open-minded and thoughtful discussion, as well as a healthy dose of overthinking.

About us
Subaan is a 4th year medical student, motion designer, and an avid rabbit hole explorer. He has keen interests in lifestyle design, technology, investing, and metabolic health. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.
Dan is a 5th year medical student, pianist, and random fact connoisseur. He spends most of his time learning about languages, playing sports, music, and geopolitics. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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